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Judy Tam

INPUT President

Welcome to the Thai PBS Public Media Conference

We are honored to be partnering with Thai PBS, the Goethe-Institut and other partners for this international conference celebrating the tenth anniversary of public service broadcasting in Bangkok.

In the long history of INPUT, a public television organization valuing the collaboration between public broadcasters over 40 years, it has been a long-held commitment to bring voices to regions throughout the World. With this conference and the INPUT conference to be held next year in May of 2019, we recognize the importance of being in the region of Southeast Asia. Public broadcasters and public service television hold a significant importance and impact in these times of media dissemination. It is our sincere belief that the honesty and responsibility held by organizations and institutions such as these are key to the global conversation of what public media means to our individual societies. Public service broadcasting holds the responsibility of reflecting societal issues and the balance between perspectives with a level of independence that is held dear to those in our societies regardless of governmental influences.

Public broadcasters embrace the challenge of education, collaboration, cooperation and integration of beliefs and understanding. Whether it is providing a perspective on current affairs or entertaining our viewers, we make efforts to uphold the integrity required to survive in an ever-changing world of commercial media.

Civil society benefits from strong broadcasters who push boundaries and value transparency and integrity while making efforts to survive. Engagement with the public is essential to strengthen the benefits and impact of public television. There is a glut of information these days as social media has made tremendous changes in how viewership continues and to how youth and younger viewers interact with our political systems.

Sharing these conversations, discussions, and programs that have strengthened media are important to our constituents and media professionals.

We look forward to wonderful days ahead of us as we attend the conference and acknowledge our commitment to public broadcasting!

Judy Tam
INPUT President