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Maren Niemeyer

Director Goethe-Institut Thailand

The Goethe-Institut is delighted to be co-organizing the first INPUT in Thailand and Southeast Asia with Thai PBS in May 2019. Leading up to the international conference on public television, a series of Mini-INPUTs throughout Thailand aims to introduce the unique INPUT format to media professionals and students in the country. We are honored to kick-off this series in Bangkok in connection with the Thai PBS Public Media Conference on “Public Media Values in the 21st Century”.

The Goethe-Institut is an associate member of INPUT, organizing many Mini-INPUT events around the world each year and values the identity building strengths of public service broadcasting on society. We are active in the field of media in Thailand and the region with projects that foster in particular documentary filmmaking and access to knowledge through educational media and have been working closely with Thai PBS since their establishment in 2008, as well as with broadcasters in neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

Amidst the rapid and consequential transformations taking place in Thailand on a political, economic and societal level, we feel platforms such as this conference and INPUT are vital in facilitating a dialogue between media content producers, policy makers, advocates and academics. In particular, to enable an exchange between media professionals, who face similar challenges in the current state of media and who may hereby share their experiences, aspirations, concerns and solutions.

I hope this conference on “Public Media Values in the 21st Century”, as well as the series of Mini-INPUTs in the respective regions of Thailand, accumulating with the international INPUT conference next year, will provide ample opportunity for open discussion, inspiration and insight on what role media in the public interest plays in these transformative times.

I wish all participants a fruitful and stimulating time at the conference and would like to extend my gratitude to Thai PBS and the INPUT board for their partnership in this endeavor.

Maren Niemeyer
Goethe-Institut Thailand